September 24, 2016

Organization Tips

    Hey guys! It's Lizzie, and by now, school is back in full bore for nearly everyone (*sigh*). School can be stressful, especially if you aren't organized. Maybe you're not organized with your homework, your room is cluttered, or your schedule is just plain jam-packed. I've got a few tips for you today to hopefully help make your day more organized, (for less stress,) and  hopefully even lead to better grades!
    First, it's really important that you have a good work environment at home. Personally, I work best when I'm in my room, and when my room is clean. Something that's really helpful for me to keep my room clean is to have a set time when I just tidy anything up. That time could be when you get home, wake up, after you shower, or before you start your homework. You should also have a spot in your room (preferably a desk) that you do your homework at. Here you can have any school supplies that you don't bring to school, and whatever else would help you with your homework. If you don't have a desk, I really encourage you to get one, even a cheap one. Desks can be expensive, but I found a good quality, low priced one, and I love it. I would also recommend keeping a potted plant in your room, because studies show that they can boost your creativity, reduce stress and boost your mood along with other things.
    Everyone is different as to what organization methods work for them. I've tried out many things for organizing my homework, and I've found which works best for me. Planners are seriously so helpful to me. I just write down what I did in each class, and circle it if I have homework in it. That way at night, my eye is drawn to the circled homework and I know what I need to do. Plus you can get super cute planners for about $5.00-$10.00 Another thing that really works for me is having a portfolio binder and a folder. I keep all my notebooks for each class and homework that was already corrected in the portfolio binder and put any homework for the night in my folder (plastic folders last way longer than cardboard ones). Just make sure you put your homework in your folder right way so you don't forget about it. Keep in mind that just because these ways work for me, they may not work for you.
    Having a packed schedule is sooo stressful. It's important to have some down-time in the day where you don't have to worry about being somewhere or doing something. Stress isn't just not fun, it's not good for you. Stress can cause headaches, depression, high blood pressure, stomach ache, can worsen your acne/cause it to flare up, and you may not be able to sleep. Sounds horrible, right? Try to plan out your day (you can use a planner!). Work on setting aside sport time, homework time, relaxing time, and whatever else you may have going on. Also, as tempting as some things are in high school, joining every single club and sport you possibly can isn't always a good idea. I'm not saying to not be involved in school, I'm just saying that if you know that you have volleyball practice from after school until 5:00, Spanish club from  6:00-7:00, and homework every night, joining the school play may not be the best choice. You just have to pick and choose and make your schedule work for you.
Alright, that's it for this week's blog! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got some ideas on how to be more organized! If you have any other tips, questions or anything else, please leave them in the comments! Also check out our Instagram: @ withlovemidwest and tell your friends!
Lots of love,