January 7, 2017


Hi everyone!

Happy 2017 to you all, I hope that you're starting your year on the right foot. So, there was said to be a big New Years update last weekend, but as you see there is nothing. I will take total blame for this, because it was my job for editing and actually posting our content last weekend, but editing and uploading the content from my camera to my computer is taking a lot longer than expected.

So in this post, I'll be giving you a sneak peek at what these posts will be about.

The first one we have is a what I got for Christmas. We show you a few of our favorites from Christmas 2016. Then we have our New Years post, which will hopefully be an annual video where we share our favorites of 2016. And finally, we are going to upload our New Years vlog, where you guys get to follow us around on a very interesting New Year's Eve.

Stay tuned in these next weeks, and hopefully we can get these videos up fast!

Until next time

- Maddy